Betsy DeVos and ALEC in Denver This Week

Betsy DeVos will be the keynote speaker at the ALEC annual meeting in Denver this week. Protestors will be there to greet her, although the U.S. Department of Education is keeping silent about which day she will appear.

ALEC has been promoting deregulation and privatization since the early 1970s. It is funded by major corporation and has nearly 2,000 members who are state legislators. It writes model legislation, which its members bring home and introduce in their own state. ALEC promotes charters and vouchers. It wants to eliminate unions, tenure, and seniority.

The linked Chalkbeat article says,

“ALEC is best known for crafting “model” legislation advancing conservative principles on issues ranging from tax limitations to gun safety and the environment.”

That’s not quite right. ALEC wants to eliminate all environmental regulations and gun controls.

Colorado’s Senator Michael Bennett wants to show DeVos a Denver “public school.” He is the most fervent supporter of charter schools among Senate Democrats, so he will most likely show her a Denver charter school. It is embarrassing for a Democrat like Bennett to admit that he and a radical extremist like DeVos agree about school choice, so he will try to find some way to pretend that charters are the good way to privatize schools, but vouchers are the bad way.

DeVos will not be convinced.

Here is the agenda for the ALEC meeting. It doesn’t show when DeVos is speaking, apparently a state secret.

To learn more about ALEC, its corporate sponsors, and its legislative members, check out the website ALEC Exposed.

from sarah


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