Florida: Parents Fight Corporate Takeovers of Public Money!

Parents in Alachua County in Florida have created an organization to fight the opening of a for-profit charter school run by Charter Schools USA in their community.

Their organization is called Parents Against Corporate Takeovers (PACT).

The charter will drain students and money from their local community public schools.

In addition to hurting public schools, the new charter will have poor oversight, located far from Gainesville. If parents have complaints, they will be told, “choose another school if you don’t like it here.”

Charters have a poor track record in Florida:

“Despite consistent growth by charter schools in Florida, the schools have lagged on quality, diversity and innovation. The CSUSA school proposal admits: ‘Achievement among CSUSA schools that serve a student population similar to ACS’s projected demographic is, on average, lower than both the state and Alachua County’s net average proficiency in math, science and social studies.’,

from sarah http://ift.tt/2v6OZSk


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