Senator Lamar Alexander: Did Anyone at Department of Education Read ESSA?

Senator Lamar Alexander took great pride in the Every Student Succeeds Act, passed at the end of 2015 to replace the failed and rancid No Child Left Behind law of 2002. ESSA explicitly prohibits the Secretary of Education from telling states what to do to meet their obligations under ESSA. SAlexander was taken aback when he read in the New York Times that Betsy DeVos’ aide Jason Botel had warned Delaware that it was not “ambitious” enough in setting goals. Alexander wondered whether Botel or anyone else at the Department had read the law.

We know that he chastised John King for over-reaching when he was Secretary. We know that Congress wanted to be sure that no Secretary in the future would act as aggressively as Arne Duncan by intervening in the states’ education plans.

Watch to see if he reins in Betsy DeVos.

I am willing to bet $100 that DeVos has never read ESSA. No one would take that bet. She thinks that God has given her a divine mission to put an end to government schools. Why read the law?

from sarah


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