Washington State: 13 Lucky Billionaires Pay No Taxes!

In Washington State, the highest state court ordered the legislature to establish a new and equitable funding program for public schools. The legislature has not acted. The court is fining fining the legislature $1 million a day. The legislature ignores the court.

The highest court also ruled that charter schools can’t take money from the public school budget because they are NOT public schools. Public schools in Washington state are governed by elected boards, not private corporations.

The legislature doesn’t want to impose an income tax. There is no state income tax. Washington has 13 billionaires. Not one of them–including Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos–pays a dime to the state.


That explains why the billionaires are crazy for charter schools. That explains why the billionaires financed the election of opponents to the judges on the Supreme Court (the current judges were re-elected).

Tell the public that choice–not funding–is the best reform of all! Why tax billionaires when you can open charter schools instead.

from sarah http://ift.tt/2tzwOWs


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