Linda Weber Needs Your Help: She Is Running for Congress

Linda Weber is a staunch friend of public education. She is running for Congress in New Jersey, seeking a seat now held by a Republican. She needs our help.

Linda has raised $25,000 in the past two weeks. She must raise $8,500 by June 30!

I sent a contribution, I hope you will too.

You may not know Linda, but if you read this blog with regularity, you know her husband Mark Weber. Mark blogs as Jersey Jazzman. He teaches music in a New Jersey public school and is working towards a doctorate at Rutgers University. Mark has repeatedly exposed charter school scams by demonstrating that they do not enroll the same students as public schools.

This is Linda’s statement on why she is running:

“Why I’m Running!

“Like many Americans, and women in particular, on November 8th I was shocked and angry. Since that night these sentiments have only intensified as I’ve watched President Trump aggressively work to turn back the clock for women. He rolled back equal pay protections for women working for federal contractors, he is chipping away at the ability of women to make their own reproductive health choices, and his healthcare bill essentially penalizes women for their gender. Not only does the Trump/House Republican healthcare plan take us back to the days when pregnancy was a preexisting condition, it will also substantially raise the out-of-pocket costs for childbirth and other women’s health services.

“Donald Trump’s behavior, actions, and rhetoric are unacceptable, but what’s worse is the refusal of House Republicans to hold him accountable. In my district, Congressman Leonard Lance, who I am challenging, is actively enabling President Trump. He has voted with him 93% of the time. With regard to women’s health, Representative Lance has 0% score from Planned Parenthood and does not support a woman’s right to make her own healthcare choices.

“In 2017, it is stunning that we are still debating whether women should have the freedom to make their own health choices and be paid the same amount as men for doing the same work. What message are we sending to our girls? This is why I am running. I am running to stand up for pay equity, a woman’s right to choose, and health insurance coverage that does not subject women to a different standard. I am also running to advance policies to protect the air that we breathe and the water that we drink, to create a more equitable and innovative economy, to rebuild our neglected transportation infrastructure, to stand up for marginalized communities, and to ensure that our education system is adequately preparing our children to be successful in our rapidly evolving economy.

“I have spent over 30 years in technology and banking where I’ve often been the only woman at the table so I know what it means to fight for myself and for others. I made sure that while I had a seat at the table, I also created seats for other women, including women of color, to ensure equal access of opportunity. I know how to fight and I know how to win, but more importantly, I know how to serve.”

“This statement was first published on on May 16, 2017 as the the first in their new series entitled #WhyImRunning, highlighting the record number of women are running for office since the November election.”

from sarah


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