Conservative Scholars Disappointed by “Narrow” Supreme Court Ruling

While supporters of public education were appalled by the Supreme Court decision awarding public funding to religious institutions, conservatives were disappointed that the decision did not go far enough to clear away any barriers to vouchers.

Martin West, a professor at Harvard, expressed his chagrin in this article in Education Next. West was mentored at Harvard by choice advocate Paul Peterson. Peterson has trained a generation of younger scholars who reflect his views on school choice, including West, the late John Chubb, Terry Moe, Jay Greene and Patrick Wolf of the University of Arkansas. Peterson is known for his influential protégés, who have formed a powerful cadre favoring school choice.

Now that the Court has a clear majority of five conservative justices, will separation of church and state survive? Not clear. One more Trump appointment to the Supreme Court, and Petersen, West, et al, can throw a party to celebrate their success at undermining public education in America and enabling every religious school–schools that teach creationism, schools that exclude children of other faiths, schools that exclude children with disabilities, schools that discriminate against LGBT children, schools that offer subpar education, schools that have no certified teachers–to get public funding. What a victory. Sad.

Education Next is funded by rightwing foundations and the reliably conservative Hoover Institution.

from sarah


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