This Is a Broadway Play You Should See

A few nights ago, I went to see a Broadway play that was scheduled to close on June 25.

The play is “Indecent,” and it is wonderful. It was written bu a Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Paula Vogel. It is about a play written for the Yiddish theater in 1907 by Sholem Asch. The play was risqué. It was a hit all over Europe, and it came to New York City. There (here), it was closed down by the police for indecency, and the actors were put on trial. After their acquittal, they returned to Europe. They put on one last performance in an attic in the ghetto in Lodz, Poland, everyone wearing yellow stars. We know what awaits them.

The audience was wildly enthusiastic. There were encores. It was hard to believe the play was closing.

But it got a reprieve, probably because the theatre was packed these last few nights. It will now run until early August.

See it if you can.

You will love the writing, the acting, the staging, and the Klezmer music.

from sarah


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