Reed Hastings, Billionaire, Says that Elected School Boards Should be Eliminated

Reed Hastings, billionaire owner of Netflix, says that democracy is the problem at the root of American education.

Elected school boards are the cause of too much turmoil.

Appointed boards are far better and allow innovative charter schools to grow.

At the annual meeting of the National Alliance for “Public” Charter Schools, Hastings pointed to elected school boards as dysfunctional and lauded the appointed boards that manage charter schools..

Arne Duncan has been campaigning to expand mayoral control of public schools for the same reason. He could point to Cleveland and Chicago as exemplars, but somehow he doesn’t.

Democracy, they agree, gets in the way of top-down authoritarian control. Elected boards try to block corporate takeovers of public schools. Elected boards usually expect transparency and accountability.

Why should the people who send their children to school and who pay the taxes have any say in the governance of public schools?

Make no mistake, friends. The mask is off. This is a battle for the democratic control and democratic purposes of schools.

from sarah


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