Trump’s New Limits on Travel to Cuba Serves the Interests of the Trump Organization

When Trump announced limits on travel to Cuba, he was actually executing a clever move to undercut his rivals in the hotel industry that have built new hotels in Cuba.

Under the new Trump policy, Americans can still travel to Cuba, but they have to stay in AirBNB, often squalid residences. They can’t stay in the new American built hotel.

Clearly, if Trump owned a hotel in Cuba, American policy would encourage tourism and big hotels.

I went to Cuba in 2013. It was a fascinating experience. Cuba is an impoverished country. The best way to bring about the collapse of the antiquated regime is to open normal trade relations and allow the Cuban people the opportunity to achieve a higher standard of living.

Trump’s approach will entrench the old guard.

Too bad Cuba does not have a Trump hotel. That is now the cornerstone of American foreign policy. That is why Trump is supporting Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in their battle with Qatar. He has hotels in Saudi Arabia and the USR, but none in Qatar.

So what if Qatar is home to America’s biggest air base in the Middle East? It doesn’t have a Trump property.

from sarah


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