New York Agrees to Cut State Testing from Three Days to Two Days

Let the pointless torture continue!

New York’s Board of Regents has agreed to reduce the time devoted to state tests from three days for each subject (math and ELA) to two days for each subject.

Pray tell, why does it take two days of testing to determine how students are doing in basic subjects?

Will results be returned in August or September, as is now customary, when students have a different teacher?

Will students and teachers be allowed to discuss the questions that students got wrong?

Will the tests continue to lack any diagnostic value?

Or will the tests continue to be useless, other than as a means of ranking students, teachers, and schools?

As for those businessmen and financiers who love the tests and want every child tested with high stakes, I invite them to take the eighth grade math tests and publish their scores. Until they do, ignore them. They are bought and paid for by the privatization industry, which loves to raise standards that even they can’t meet. Designed to run down our public schools and our democracy.

from sarah


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