Steven Singer: Did the NEA Just Endorse Depersonalized Learning?

Steven Singer, like many other teachers, was stunned to see an article published by NEA that lauds the rise of technologies that replace teachers. This is what is known on this blog as “depersonalized learning.” When I wrote “The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Rptesting and Choice Are Undermining Education,” I quoted an article in Forbes that had been published in 1985. The technology editor wrote a commentary then predicting that in the future, the children of the poor would get computers, but the children of the rich would have teachers and computers.

Singer writes:

“When all the teachers are gone, will America’s iPads pay union dues?

“It’s a question educators across the country are beginning to ask after yet another move by our national unions that seems to undercut the profession they’re supposed to be supporting.

“The National Education Association (NEA), the largest labor union in the U.S., published a shortsighted puff piece on its Website that seemingly applauds doing away with human beings working as teachers.

“In their place would be computers, iPads, Web applications and a host of “devices” that at best would need human beings to serve as merely lightly trained facilitators while children are placed in front of endless screens.”

from sarah


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