Mike Petrilli and I Find Common Ground: Depersonalized Learning is Neither Nutritious nor Genuinely Educationally

After Mike Petrilli of the conservative Thomas B. Fordham Institute read my post yesterday, he wrote to say that it appears we have some common ground. He wonders whether the contrast between real teaching and machine teaching is comparable to organic food vs. processed food. Yes!

Fortunately, Mike has two sons the same age as my grandsons, so children are not a theoretical construct to him.

Personally, I think conservatives (and all parents, whatever their politics) should be leading the charge against robot “teachers.” Genuine education will never emanate from programmed machines.

And they will never be “personalized.”

That’s why I hope Mike will adopt the term “depersonalized learning” to describe computer-based instruction. There may be times when it is useful. But computers can never replace human interaction, a kind look, a stern look, a loving word, a caring and committed person with a heart, a brain, and a soul.

from sarah http://ift.tt/2r9y7Ht


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