Politico Education: More States Picking Up College Costs

Politico Morning Education reports that the movement to make community college tuition-freeis spreading.


“STATES PICKING UP FIGHT FOR FREE COLLEGE: The push for free college didn’t die when Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election in November. Rather, the movement championed by Democrats last year has maintained momentum in what has been a big year for free college advocates. At least five states, including some red ones, have adopted or expanded programs to cover tuition for students, and more could still win approval. “It was a huge year for the movement,” said Martha Kanter, a former Education undersecretary under Barack Obama who is now executive director of the College Promise Campaign, which helps build and expand tuition-free programs.

“- Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam is expected to sign a bill soon expanding the state’s well-known free college program to older adults. The program is currently available only to students who just graduated from high school. Lawmakers in New York last month approved a plan to provide free public college for students from families making $125,000 a year or less. The Hawaii legislature provided funding for free community college, as well, and Arkansas and Indiana approved programs to waive tuition for students pursuing degrees in desirable fields such as those in science, technology, engineering and math (so-called STEM fields). A grant program to cover tuition for some college students won approval in Montana, though lawmakers have yet to allocate funding for it. Rhode Island could be next. Lawmakers there are considering a statewide free college proposal.”

This will help many students achieve at least two years of college without being burdened by heavy debt

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