New York: One Week from Today, Your Chance to Elect a Teacher to the State Assembly on Long Island: CHRISTINE PELLEGRINO!

New Yorkers who live on Long Island in District 9 should vote a week from today in a special election.

Christine Pellegrino, a Democrat, is running against Tom Gargulio, a Conservative Party member from Babylon.

Christine is the real deal. She is a mother, a teacher, a leader in the Opt Out Movement, and a member of the BATs. She was a Bernie Sanders delegate to the Democratic National Convention. She has been endorsed by Our Revolution (Bernie Sanders’ group), NYSUT, and the New York Progressive Action Network.

Christine lives in West Islip, Long Island. She has been a teacher in the Baldwin school district for 25 years.

She is a staunch advocate for public schools. She will be a voice of experience and reason in the State Assembly, speaking for kids and public schools.

She opposes high-stakes testing to evaluate students, teachers, or schools. She supports education geared to the whole child, not testing geared only to basic skills.

Go to her website, Volunteer, donate, do whatever you can.

But above all, if you live in District 9 on Long Island in New York, turn out to vote for Christine a week from today, May 23!

from sarah


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