Dallas: Kirkpatrick Missed an Outright Win in School Board Race by 14 Votes

I just heard from Lori Kirkpatrick, the school board candidate in Dallas who pledged to oppose privatization and end the insulting programs that rate, rank, reward and punish teachers. She is a parent of a child in the DISD.

The election was last Saturday. Last night, she sent a blast email to supporters saying that the final tally showed her 14 votes shy of reaching the 50% mark that she needed for a win. 14 votes!

She is heading for a runoff.

Her election will shift the majority on the Dallas school board and empower people who want to help students, teachers, and schools instead of ranking, rating, and punishing them.

Help her in any way that you can. If you are in Dallas, volunteer. If not, send a contribution of any size.

You can bet the Dallas Morning News will support her opponent, a businessman whose children are in private schools.

She needs our help!

Her website is http://ift.tt/2qJiZ7D

from sarah http://ift.tt/2qJiwSH


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