How Trump “Got Rolled” in His First Budget Negotiation

It is probably not a good idea to brag that you are the world’s best negotiator when your only experience was in the real estate world. Apparently those skills do not transfer to government, where you have to deal with wily veterans of both parties and a complex set of procedural rules that you do not know.

Democrats and Republicans agreed on a budget to avert a shutdown, and Trump didn’t get anything he asked for.

The budget doesn’t include a deep cut for the Environmental Protection Agency; not one job will be lost.

Trump wanted to cut the National Institutes of Health, but it didn’t happen.

The budget maintains funding for Planned Parenthood.

There is no funding for a border wall.

Read the story and understand that the real estate negotiator’s skill set doesn’t work in D.C., where a knowledge of legislative history helps, as well as personal relationships, and some sense of the importance of the programs that are funded.

Trump’s first lesson in Washington, D.C., is that he can’t go it alone; he needs to work with other people. He was not elected to be a dictator or autocrat. That’s very different from being the owner of a private firm where your decisions override the wishes of everyone else.

from sarah


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