A Suggestion To Make You Happy (if You Live Near New York City)

Watching the news on any given day is an exercise in masochism. We have to know what is going on, but it is usually not good.

Therefore I conclude that we must take long walks, listen to music, see plays, go to museums, do whatever we can to keep our souls nourished.

Last night, I went to see a parody of “Hamilton,” called “Shamilton.” It is playing at the Triad on West 72 Street in Manhattan. It was fun and hilarious. Christine Pedi, who is a host of the Sirius Broadway Channel, was producer and a member of the cast. I spoke to her afterwards and learned that her sister is an art teacher in a Yonkers middle school. Beforehand, I had oysters with my son and partner at the amazing Mermaid Inn on Amsterdam Avenue and 88 Street.

Go, if you can.

If you can’t, visit your community theater, support the arts, go to a museum, sing, dance, watch others singing and dancing, and re-invigorate your soul with the joy of the arts.

from sarah http://ift.tt/2nmT9Fz


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